Art Volunteers/Free UTown Program/Free Baseball Games

Art Volunteers

Ms. Tamara is looking for some art volunteers, as she has switched from music to art for the spring term.

Duties include such things as washing paint brushes, displaying students’ art work and helping to  maintain art supplies (eg, sharpening pencils).

Help is welcome any day or days of the week after school, for as little or as much time as you can spare.  Some jobs can also be done at home, or displaying artwork can be done during school hours.

Please contact Ms. Tamara at if you would like to help out.  Thank you so much!

Free UTown Program Organized by a NRP Parent

the 4 session (1)

Free Baseball Games – Poster & VILLC Tournament schedule layout

Vancouver’s Best Little Leaguer’s vs the BEST in the world from Japan, Taiwan and around the province.

There will be at least 60 kids from Vancouver Proper in the event representing Little Mountain (2 Teams), Hastings, Jericho and Asahi.

The Japanese Team is from the Kitasuna association that has won 3 of the past 6 Little League World Series.

 Free admission! Most Fields have a concession and are on bus routes.



Friday May 4

Taiwan                        vs                     Kitasuna #1                 UBC Varsity                 10:00 am

LMB Nationals           vs                     Asahi                            Hillcrest                       9:30 am

Victoria Selects          vs                     LMB Nationals           UBC Varsity                 1:00 pm

Taiwan                        vs                     Victoria Selects           UBC Varsity                 4:00 pm



Friday May 4

LMB Selects                 vs                     Hastings Selects          Hastings                      10:00 am

Jericho Selects            vs                     Whalley Selects           Carnarvon                   12:00 pm

Kitasuna #2                 vs                     Jericho Selects             Carnarvon                   4:00 pm

LMB Selects                 vs                     Whalley Selects           Hillcrest                       4:00 pm

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