Message from PAC:

Each year the Vancouver School Board (VSB) provides schools with an annual budget to cover the basics like office supplies and some learning resources. With that budget decreasing on an annual basis, NRP is continuing their Direct Appeal Fundraising Campaign this year.

NRP PAC is proud to help communicate out this important school led fundraiser.

At the beginning of November the school sent out the fundraising information on the NRP app. The deadline for you to make a donation and get a tax receipt for 2019 is fast approaching (Dec. 31, 2019)

All the items on the direct appeal list have been thoughtfully put together by all the teachers and prioritized to what they feel the kids would benefit from the most.

You have always been incredibly generous and the school has been able to raise between $20,000-$25,000 each year.

This year we hope to help the school raise the same.

And a reminder all these items are not funded by the Vancouver School Board.

2019/20 Direct Appeal

by Norma Rose Point School

As in previous years, we are continuing our Direct Appeal fundraiser this year.

The following is a list generated by the Norma Rose Point teachers and administration for items they use, wish for, or require that are beyond the budget provided to the school.

  • Upgrading tech, $10,000
  • Indigenous Resources/Focus Week, $2500
    • This pays for performances and experiences for the students
  • Literacy Resources, $2000
    • For the guided reading sets that students use in our book room
    • Literature sets
  • Books for Library, $2000
  • Mathletics for Grade 6 – $1500
  • Raz Kids – $400
  • Outdoor reading benches – $500 each +tax and delivery
  • Outdoor picnic table $1500 each +tax and delivery
  • Cooking Bins – $200 each
  • Time Timers – $28 each +tax
  • Classroom furniture – $5000 +tax
  • Wheelchair basketball presentation
  • Outdoor Scooter Storage Racks
  • Mud Kitchen – $750
  • Gym benches – $2000
  • Indigenous Garden tools $500

100% of your donation will go directly to the programs and materials listed above. Revenue Canada charitable tax receipts will be provided for any donation of $10 or more (tax receipts will be mailed to you from the Vancouver School Board (VSB) by January 31, 2020).

Please note, this is just a guideline, priorities and fund needs may change throughout the school year, NRP administration may reallocate funding between categories within the Direct Appeal list.

While the goal of the school would be to have 100% participation from families, we also recognize that it may not be possible from some of you due to financial constraints. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Donation Deadline:     November 30, 2019.

Way to donate

Donations may be made through using Cash-On-Line:

Confidentiality and Accountability

We would like to assure you that individual donor information is kept confidential, and a complete inventory of everything bought with the money raised is available to you.

Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your generous donations.


Ian Cannon                                       Teena Smith
Principal                                             Vice Principal

Please note, this is just a guideline, priorities and fund needs may change throughout the school year, NRP administration is allowed to reallocate fundings between categories within the Direct Appeal list.
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