Help us raise funds by shopping with Amazon, Indigo & Purdy’s – PAC earns up to 25%.

PAC Fundraising

Dear families at Norma Rose Point,

We know it is a bit later than usual but we have finally begun our annual PAC fundraising efforts!

In past years we have relied heavily on the hot lunch program as our primary fundraising activity. We have generated as much as $20,000 dollars from the lunch program alone! This year we are hoping to raise at least $10,000 through other methods. We know that making a direct financial contribution to the PAC may not be possible for many families so we have found a way to generate revenue while not relying solely on direct donations.

This year we have partnered with Amazon, Indigo, and Purdy’s via their online stores. Anytime you make a purchase from either of these websites simply enter the link provided below and go about your shopping as usual. Amazon, Indigo, and Purdy’s will contribute a percentage of the sale to PAC. The actual percentage varies depending on the product but range from 3% to 25%. This is a great way to generate funds just by doing what we all already do! The links have to be entered each time that you visit the site in order for the promotion to work and can be found below.

The revenue generated by PAC is used to purchase school equipment not covered by the BC Gaming Grant or funded by the VSB, support classroom activities, host teacher appreciation lunches as well as provide assistance to members of the NRP community who may be financially disadvantaged. We hope that everyone can give us a hand in making sure we continue to have a well-funded PAC that can help to support our children’s education.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have any ideas for other fundraisers!

Thank you,

The NRP PAC Executive Team

Click here and start your Amazon shopping!
Just shop at Amazon after clicking the link. Same price. It’s that simple to help PAC!

Start your Amazon shopping with the link below. After clicking the link, you will find the same Amazon page you used to see. Although it doesn’t look any different, our link triggers a cookie on your browser and follow your shopping activities. All you need to do is just shopping as usual. It doesn’t cost you any extra.

Every item you put into your shopping cart within 24 hours after clicking the link is eligible for a commission income to PAC. However, this 24-hour window closes once you submit your order of the items in the shopping cart. You can simply click the link again to reactivate the fundraiser. If you are not sure, just click the link again and shop.

After clicking the link, please bookmark the Amazon page that opens up and use it for all your Amazon shopping. You don’t have to come back to this page to click the link.

NRPS Amazon shopping link

Indigo Books & Music Inc. is Canada’s largest book, gift, and specialty toy retailer, operating stores in all ten provinces and one territory and hiring more than 7,000 people. It is a great store to buy books for your kids and Christmas gifts and greeting cards.

Please click the link above and start shopping online. It will guide you through the steps to help raise funds for NRPS. All you need to do is just shopping as usual. It doesn’t cost you any extra.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year we are excited to have a Purdy’s Chocolates Fundraiser for the Holiday Season! We are only accepting online orders.

You are invited to help support Norma Rose Point Elementary School and YOUR CHILDREN by purchasing your Holiday Chocolates and/or Nuts through the Purdy’s Christmas Fundraising Program.  Avoid line ups at the mall, purchase your Christmas gifts at retail prices and NRP PAC makes a 25% profit on all purchases.

To get started please click on the link below:

Online Orders Click Here

You will be asked to enter your email address. If you are already registered it will prompt you to sign in; if not, it will ask you to register. 

Once logged in you will be directed to the NORMA ROSE POINT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL fundraising page.

From there, by following the tabs along the top, you will be able to:

  1. INVITE MEMBERS – invite your neighbours, family and friends to make their purchases through our school
  2. SHOP ONLINE – on this tab if you click on Use Marketplace you will be able to see photos of what you are ordering
  3. PAY FOR ORDERS – to complete your order you must pay for it by going to this tab and checking out.


All orders must be placed by Wednesday November 24, 2020

Chocolates will be available for pick up from NRP outside the Multipurpose Room on Wednesday, December 9th at 9:00am or 3:00pm or Thursday, December 10th at 9:00 am or 3:00pm.

We will remind you of the pick up in December. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Have a sweet shopping experience!

Direct Appeal

Message from PAC:

Each year the Vancouver School Board (VSB) provides schools with an annual budget to cover the basics like office supplies and some learning resources. With that budget decreasing on an annual basis, NRP is continuing their Direct Appeal Fundraising Campaign this year.

NRP PAC is proud to help communicate out this important school led fundraiser.

At the beginning of November the school sent out the fundraising information on the NRP app. The deadline for you to make a donation and get a tax receipt for 2020 is fast approaching (Dec. 31, 2020)

All the items on the direct appeal list have been thoughtfully put together by all the teachers and prioritized to what they feel the kids would benefit from the most.

You have always been incredibly generous and the school has been able to raise between $20,000-$25,000 each year.

This year we hope to help the school raise the same.

And a reminder all these items are not funded by the Vancouver School Board.

2020/21 Direct Appeal

by Norma Rose Point School

2020 Donation Request


That’s our goal, can you help us reach our fundraising target?

Every year the Norma Rose Point PAC funds various events, activities and projects that enrich student’s educational experience, enhance the school environment and foster our community. The Indigenous Garden, Literacy and Science Fairs & Galas, Back to School Events, Physical Literacy activities such as Hip Hop and playground projects were all made possible by funds raised last year through parental donation. Thank you for your generous support!

This year we want to double our fundraising so that we can continue to offer great programs as well as build a legacy fund for future PAC’s. Together we can reach our goal! Whether you can donate $5 or $5000, every dollar will help us to make our student’s experience a fulfilling one.

The following is a list generated by Norma Rose Point teachers and administration for items they use, wish for, or require that are beyond what we can purchase from the school budget. In surveying the staff, the top priority was updating technology which supports student learning and student engagement (replace older iPads, iMacs). See the list below:

  • Upgrading tech for all students – (iPads, iMacs, PCs) $10,000 ~ $20,000???
  • Early learners – $5,000
    • Sensory supports
    • Outdoor activity materials and consumables
    • Applied skills materials and consumables (e.g. plastic pipes, hardware, marbles, simple tools, etc)
    • Lego materials (Lego base plates, Lego play pieces) – $2,500
    • Tech/robotics/microbits
  • Intermediates – $10,000
    • Tech for podcasting, for video production
    • Materials and supplies to support Fine Arts (i.e. painting)
    • Coding/robotics/microbits
    • Outdoor activity materials and consumables
  • Learning supports – $5,000
    • Student support materials and supplies
    • Assessment materials
    • Licences for curricular support resources
  • Indigenous Learning supports
    • Gardening materials and supplies
    • Indigenous mentors/carvers

In addition to the list above, we can always use material donations which support play-based learning; items such as wood, screws and simple tools. One hundred percent (100%) of your donation goes directly to supporting students and programs as listed above. Revenue Canada charitable tax receipts will be provided for any donation of $10 or more (tax receipts are mailed directly to you from the Vancouver School Board (VSB) by January 31, 2021).

Please note, this is just a guideline; priorities and funding needs may change throughout the school year, and NRP Administration may reallocate funding between categories within the Direct Appeal list.

While the goal of the school would be to have 100% participation from families, we also recognize that it may not be possible for families to contribute due to financial constraints. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Donation deadline: November 30, 2020.

Way to donate:
Donations may be made using School-Cash-Online: cash and cheques cannot be accepted.

Confidentiality and Accountability
We assure you that individual donor information is kept confidential, and a complete inventory of everything bought with the money raised is available to you.

Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your generous donations.


Mr. Henry Peters, Principal
Ms Shannon Burke, Vice Principal

Please note, this is just a guideline, priorities and fund needs may change throughout the school year, NRP administration is allowed to reallocate fundings between categories within the Direct Appeal list.


이것을 단순한 가이드라인으로써 참고해주십시오. 우선순위나 자금이 필요한 항목은 학기 중 바뀔 수 있습니다. NRP위원회는 Direct Appeal리스트 내에 있는 항목간의 자금 재분배에 대해서 허가하고 있습니다.