Online Resources

Social Emotional Learning: Supporting Kids at Home and At School

Podcast introducing Social Emotional Learning for parents & list of online resources
Parent Toolkit website: Social and Emotional Development

Tips for building a solid parent-teacher relationship

Mental Health & Wellness

AnxietyBC (Anxiety Disorders Association of BC):

Provides information about anxiety and resources to help manage anxiety

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre:

A provincial mental health resource centre.  Includes information on how to seek treatment in BC:  

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Facts for Families Guide to mental health issues:

AACAP Facts for Families Guide in Simplified Chinese 简体:

Mental health in the Teenage years: and

Vancouver Coastal Health Child & Youth Mental Health Services:

Provides multilingual psychological consulting for children, youth and their families with serious mental health difficulties and/or social, emotional or behavioural disturbances.

Crisis Centre of BC’s Youth in BC service:

An online crisis chat service for youth and/or parents, with additional resources on a variety of youth-related issues.

Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH):

Information and resources from Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA):

Mental Health & Wellness – Multilingual Resources

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre:

Website also offers information in Simplified 简体 & Traditional Chinese繁体 , Korean, Farsi, Punjabi, and French.

Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) resources in multiple languages including French, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Spanish, etc.:

Alone in Canada: 21 Ways to Make it Better booklet

In Simplified Chinese 简体:

In Korean:

Asking for Help When Things Are Not Right Fact Sheet (in Traditional Chinese 繁体)

Multicultural Mental Health Resource CentreAdaptation to a New Country Resources in multiple languages:

Anti-Bullying Resources

NRPS Principal’s 11/7/2017 message about anti-bullying:

BC Ministry of Education’s ERASE Bullying website:

An extensive resource for parents, youth, and schools on identifying, responding to, and preventing bullying.

US Government’s Stop Bullying website:

Information about bullying and cyberbullying, and tips for prevention.

Digital Citizenship & Online Safety

BC’s Digital Literacy Framework:

MediaSmarts: Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy:

An online resource for parents & kids on a wide range of digital & media literacy topics.  Offers general information as well as research reports, and parental Tip Sheets and e-Tutorials.

MediaSmarts Online Tutorial: Parenting the Digital Generation [requires Adobe Flash]

Common Sense Media:

An extensive resource on possibly every concern parents might have about raising kids to have a healthy relationship with media and technology, with information, tips, tools, and content reviews.

Center for Humane Technology:

Simple steps for “taking control” of your smartphone

Public Safety Canada’s Get Cyber Safe website:

Public Safety Canada’s Digital Citizenship Guide for Parents:

Substance Abuse Prevention

Vancouver School Board & Vancouver Coastal Health’s Substance Use Health Promotion Initiative – Supporting And Connecting Youth (SACY):

SACY works with VSB students, parents, schools, and communities to help prevent substance use, delay substance use and reduce substance use related problems.