Sports Day and G7 School Band Concert Tomorrow (Friday June 3rd)

Dear NRP families,

As you may have heard from the school announcements, tomorrow is Sports Day. In the morning at 8:25 am, there will be an opening show, music concert from our Grade 7 school band – Blackbird. The concert starts at 8:25 am. Feel free to join us as a spectator.

(Edit) You can watch this Blackbird band concert on YouTube (

PAC has prepared to provide refreshments at the break station in the morning. Each student will get a popsicle (Mr. Freeze). For those who would like to make a cash donation to this as a PAC fundraiser, please do so at the SCHOOL CASH ONLINE site under the SPORTS DAY heading.

Here is the link to the fundraiser:

Also PAC will sell pizza slices for parents around noon (CASH ONLY). The price will be $4.00/ one slice or $7.00 for two slices. All proceedings will be added to the PAC funds and used to make our school better. Please bring some cash to buy these pizza slices. (This is not for students. Students should bring their own lunch as usual. The pizzas are from Pizza Pizza, the local restaurant that provides pizza menu for our hot lunch program.)

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Sports Day and G7 School Band Concert Tomorrow (Friday June 3rd)

  1. Hello, I’d like to ask how much each slice costs, and whether teachers will be able to help with pizza purchase. How does this work for Kindergarteners? Should we send cash with our children for them to buy pizza? Would there be a guarantee that they would have enough slices? thanks, Jeehye

    On Thu, Jun 2, 2022 at 2:19 PM Norma Rose Point Elementary School Parents Advisory Counc


    1. Hi Jeehye, The pizza slices are for parents and other family members. For your kid, you should prepare for a lunch as usual.


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