DPAC General: Challenging Racist BC — 150 Years and Counting

Dear NRP famillies,

We would like to share an event organized by the Vancouver District PAC with you. It has been recommended by a few NRP parents who have deep knowledge on this topic. I believe this is a good chance for us to understand the background of this social issue from various perspectives and find ideas on how to talk with our kids.

At the May General on Thursday, May 27, 7pm – 9:30 pm, following a short formal meeting, DPAC will mark Asian Heritage Month by welcoming Elimin8Hate as they facilitate an exploration of Challenging Racist BC — 150 Years and Counting, a project that seeks to explore our shared history and common future.

This session will provide an overview of the work many groups are doing to address anti-Asian, anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism. Several of the Challenging Racist BC authors will discuss and answer questions about their work, and a BCTF Anti-Oppression Educators Collective member will talk about how using enhanced digital edition of the book can be an effective teaching tool. Community advocates will be speaking against the rise of anti-Asian racism in Vancouver, Canada and globally. The concept of the model minority will be explored in the context of how leaning upon it harms students and there will be a discussion with a member of the BCTF’s Anti-Oppression Educators Collective about using the online resources in classrooms.

Speakers include proj1907, Carmel Tanaka (Cross Cultural Walking Tours and Elimin8Hate), Halimah Beaulieu (Elimin8Hate), Authors – Christine O’Bonsawin, Fran Morrison, Maryka Omatsu, John Price and Educators – Carmen Rodriguez and Karine Ng. Register here. You will find it listed as a Facebook Event here. Please share with your networks.

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