A few reminders about the week ahead

Walk n Roll Week:

–  Big reminder that on Friday, Ortona Road will be closed to all traffic!

Parent Ed Talk at WCC Opportunity:

– This Thursday Wesbrook Community Centre will be hosting a Parent Ed Talk for Grade 7/8 (Grade 6 parents welcome as well) parents:

– Topic: What puts kids at risk for mental illness as they transition to high school?

Understand & Help the Transition to High School – 15951

Description: Do you have a child who will be making the transition to high school in the next few years? Ellen Jopling, a graduate researcher at UBC, will be speaking about what worries kids when transitioning to high school, and ways that parents might be able to help. Her 30 minute talk will be followed by a question period.

Child minding will be kindly provided by the Norma Rose PAC. To reserve a space please email tscott@myuna.ca with your child’s name and age

Date: May 30th, Thursday

Time: 7 to 8p.m.

Location: Wesbrook Community Centre, Social Room

Registration: https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/myunarecreation/Activity_Search/5956

Staff Appreciation Lunch Sign up:​

– June 10th NRP Parents will host our Staff Appreciation Lunch. Parents are encouraged to sign up and bring an item:


Thank you,


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