Message about book return / Info on Walk n Roll week…

Here is a message from Adrienne regarding library book return:

We’ve had a wonderful year and 38,434 books have been circulated!

Please note the following: All books are due June 3rd

Please return all library books before or on June 3rd for inventory. Please help get every book back into the Learning Commons by cleaning up your cubbies, lockers, and looking in the corners and cupboards in your learning community. Help out your classmates and teachers and work at a team to scavenge for books! Sometimes they end up in strange places – look under shelves and in nooks and crannies too. Sift through your classroom library – the books from the Library have a barcode on the front.  If you have taken books home have a look for any books you’ve forgotten to return.

Thanks for your help and support!



Here is a message from the UNA about Walk n Roll Week:

Next week is the Walk ‘n Roll Celebration Week. Would you please send a reminder to the parents?

 Norma Rose Point School: Walking School Bus Departure Times for Monday to Thursday, May 27-30.

8:30 AM: Wesbrook Village (Menchie’s)

8:30 AM: The Old Barn Community Centre

8:45 AM: Acadia Park Commonsblock

Please note that on Friday, May 31, Ortona Road will be closed for vehicular access in celebration of Car Free Morning. We encourage all kids and their families to commute by foot or ride to

school. If you choose to drive, please see the alternate designated drop o_ point. On May 31, Walking School Buses will depart earlier, so that kids can participate in the fun activities planned for them at Car Free Morning.

Walking School Bus Departure Times for Friday, May 31 (Car Free Morning)

8:00 AM: Wesbrook Village (Menchie’s)

8:00 AM: The Old Barn Community Centre

8:15 AM: Acadia Park Commonsblock

Also, this year, we are seeking year-round parent volunteers from Hawthorn Place to lead Walking School Buses. If you are interested, please contact us at this email:


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