Video Game Music Concert – Get 25% off tickets TODAY ONLY

The Chan Centre is presenting a concert featuring both classic and new soundtracks from video games!  The UBC Symphony Orchestra and UBC A Cappella will be led by guest conductor Lucas Waldin, performing the music from Star Wars, Star Trek, Celeste, Tetris, and Lord of the Rings to name a few.  There will be a virtual reality artist, Juliana Loh who will be painting the scores of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars live onstage and video footages from a few games projected on a big screen synched to the orchestral performance.  As well, we will have interactive game piece in which the audience participates in passing around a 6 ft giant beach ball to play the game. 

The Chan Centre is pleased to offer a 25% discount to Games in Music: Halo, WoW, LOTR happening on Friday, November 4.  All staff, students and their families at NRP can use the promo code GAMING25 to validate the discount, up to 2 tickets per person.  This offer is only available until October 25th!  For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, please go to

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