Survey for Traffic Safety

Dear Parents of the NRP and U-Hill community,

We’re reaching out as we want to hear from you on how to make your commute to and from school safer and more sustainable for you and your children.

PACs from both schools along with the UBC Campus and Community Planning have teamed up to create a survey to explore how we can work together on community programming and initiatives that promote safe, sustainable, active transportation to and from school.

Our goal is to learn how you’re currently getting to and from school, gain insight on what challenges you may be facing and seek your perspective on how to make our community safer, healthier and more active for everyone.

We invite you to click on the link below to take the survey. Don’t worry, it’s a quick one! It should take no more than 7 minutes at the most to complete. We hope you’ll take the time to participate as we know that together we can make our community an even better, safer and more active place for our children to study, learn and grow.

Thanks so much for your input in advance.

Traffic Safety Committee & NRP PAC

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