From NRP Yearbook Committee

Dear NRP Families,

A couple of updates on NRP Yearbooks

DELIVERY: due to COVID-19, the yearbook delivery has been delayed to late August, books will be handed out in September, please continue to read PAC website notifications and school Apps for the distribution plan.

Gr. 7 students, you will need to come back to NRP to pick up your yearbooks, please stay tuned for the pick up plan.

For those who are unable to pick up the book (e.g. move out of province/country), parents are asked to contact the yearbook committee for other arrangements.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay and thank you for your understanding!

YEARBOOK PAGES: If you have any photos related to 2019/2020 school year or your kid’s portrait (if she/he missed the photo day in Oct.) and would like to share them in the yearbook, it is still not too late, feel free to shoot us an email, please indicate the caption for each piece (division, name, detail, etc.).

ORDER ONLINE: You can still order your yearbook online for $25/book:

NEW!! E-SIGNING: It’s been a Spring like no other. Lots of special traditions have been cancelled – but not this one. Yearbook signing lives on. Let your kids create their own signing pages and send to their friends to fill the pages with funny messages, sweet scribbles, and heartfelt notes. All of the typical yearbook signing customs get to live on for the rest of time. And they’re all just a click away.

Please do not hesitate to contact the committee if you have any questions. Stay safe and enjoy a great summer!

NRP Yearbook Committee


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