Food class Volunteer recruitment/Message from Ms. Tamara

Food class volunteer recruitment

The food classes for the latter half of the grade has started with most of the class switching from music. The parent volunteers are continuously needed to run the food class with new students. For this week, Grade 4 division 24 will be making Italian Soup on Tuesday Feb. 25th at 11:05-12, please contribute a little time.

From Tuesday March 3rd, more class will start cooking so please see the attached spread sheet and sign up.

Parent Volunteer Schedule

Message from Ms. Tamara

Thank you all for supporting us at the K-2 concert on Feb. 13.  You were such an enthusiastic audience!  Your delight made the children shine extra brightly as they sang from their hearts to yours.
Thank you all so much for the wonderful help in dismantling the gym so efficiently and thoroughly.  It is certainly not a one-person job, and your many hands made the work lighter for us all.
Ms. Tamara

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