Food Class volunteer recruiting

I am the foods/prep teacher, Ms. Karen Smith, and I invite volunteers who would like to come and help out in my Foods classes each week.

By having the extra help, the students would be able to make more challenging food items in order to develop their cooking skills.

As you may not know, foods class is a privilege as Norma Rose is one of the only elementary schools in B.C. that has it. The safety awareness required in the kitchen is very high and a few volunteers each class would make is more possible to have cooking classes, not only learning in theory about nutrition and food.

I have attached a schedule for the number of volunteers and times I would like to have them come to the classroom. There are different tabs on the bottom for each week, so please sign up for each week at a time. In each time slot, I give the division and grade I am teaching. You are more than welcome to sign up for a different division than your child is in and you may sign up more than once in a week. If you aren’t able to make it (due to an appointment, sick, etc.) please email me to let me know.

Food Class Volunteer sheet

Just note, that not every class will be a cooking class. If we aren’t cooking, there is always extra laundry, prep, or dishes to do. Younger students (Grade 1-4’s) are just beginning to learn to wash dishes properly and extra hands will always be helpful to me.

Karen Smith

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