Last minute reminders for Spring Fair

Wow! Spring Fair is here! Hope everyone is excited as we are!

Before I pass a couple things on about Spring Fair I want to remind all parents who order lunch for their child that SUSHI SUSHI (Tuesday and Thursday lunch providers) IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! We have cancelled those lunches and have sent out numerous reminders however, there are still kids coming to the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays saying they have no food but usually would have Sushi. Please check your orders and either re-order from Calhoun`s or remember to send a packed lunch. We do not like to see any child going hungry at school. Thank you


Now….Spring Fair!

Just a reminder that this is a PAC fundraiser so if you have leftover tickets at the end of the evening we will not be giving refunds, We will have a tables throughout the entire fair selling tickets so feel free to buy a small amount at a time and come back to buy more if needed.

Also, we have added a booth in case you still want to order a NRP Yearbook. It will be cash sale….$30.

Be sure to wear sunscreen tomorrow. It is forecast to be a beautiful but hot day!


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