VSB deemes NRP school CLOSED today

Dear parents
Here is an update that the school has been asked to send out from the VSB.

Wind Storm NRP Update

12/20/2018 8:52 PM General

Dear NRP Parents,

During lunch time today, the power went out at NRP.  I wasn’t sure if it was the electrical crew that was working at NRP, but soon discovered it was a power outage due to the wind storm. Once the students were settled into class, I made my rounds of the communities to inform either classes or teachers that it was a BC Hydro issue.  Classes were progressing as usual.  We have ample natural light so it was not affecting the goings-on in the slightest.  We also had back up flood lights throughout the school where they weren’t really needed, except for the washrooms.  Students were told that the toilets would not flush but to go if they had to in one of our many toilets.  One section of the school used the one hand flush toilet that exists.

I sent out two app notifications to parents.  The first one informing parents that the power was out, that all was OK because of our natural light and that students were being asked to be careful walking home and to avoid walking through the forest.  By 2:30pm, a parent informed me that he had walked the Sword Fern Trail from Hampton Place only to discover a tree had fallen along the path.  As the parent stood by me, I scribed the second app notification advising families not to travel the trail.  The parent thought it odd that the wifi was working but the message appeared to be sent.  I have since discovered that the two notifications were never received due to Internet and/or wifi connectivity and/or an app glitch.  Our Internet Office phones were also not receiving calls.

If there is a weather anomoly or power outage and you are concerned, always feel free to walk to the school.  Some parents did and they hung out in the main foyer as everything was nice and calm in the communities and there was no need to pick up children early.  Parents are also always welcome to sign out their child earlier.

As for Friday . . .

As of 8:40pm tonight, NRP remains without electricity.  By 7:30am tomorrow morning, I will send out an app notification (from my data plan) informing parents if the power is on.  Parents always have the option to choose if they wish for their child to come to school or not.

Finally, we wish to extend our warmest holiday wishes to all NRP families.  School re-opens on January 7th.


Rosa Fazio

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