PAC AGM – Wednesday @ 6:30pm

This is a reminder that the 2018/19 PAC AGM is this Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm in the Learning Commons (AKA: Library), with free child minding. All parents/guardians at Norma Rose Point School are welcome. At the AGM, new PAC Executive will be elected and it is still not too late to submit your name to the nomination. We will also approve the 2018/19 PAC budget on the AGM. Please find important documents below:

PAC AGM Agenda: Oct. 2018 AGM

PAC Executive Nominees: PAC Executive_2018/19,  2018/19 PAC Exec. Nominee’s Bio

Proposed 2018/19 Budget: 2018/2019 Proposed Budget

2017/18 PAC Report: PAC Report – 2017/18

Last PAC Meeting Minutes: Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2018

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