District PAC (DPAC) Events

Below are the upcoming events from the Vancouver DPAC Newsletter, we would like to highlight these two events in October:

1. Oct 4th is the DPAC VSB trustee’ all candidates meeting
2. Oct 25th is the next General DPAC meeting focus on SOGI (any parents with concerns over the SOGI curriculum are encouraged to attend)
For a full version of the DPAC Newsletter, please click here.


Upcoming DPAC Events

  • Thursday, Oct 4 6:30-9pm – DPAC’s VSB Trustee Candidate Forum Moderated by Tracey Sherlock. Sir Charles Tupper Secondary Cafeteria. We have invited 31 candidates (if anyone has contact info for Gordon T. Kennedy or Mrs. Doubtfire, please let us know) and sent them a questionnaire to complete (responses will be posted on our website). A portion of the evening will be spent with candidates answering your questions, so please bring them.
  • Thursday, Oct 11 7-9pm – DPAC Executive Meeting, Rm 120, Vancouver Education Centre 1580 W. Broadway. Agenda will be posted on the vancouverdpac.org website when finalized.
  • Thursday, Oct 25 7-9pm – DPAC General Meeting: SOGI 123. Rm 180, Vancouver Education Centre 1580 W. Broadway. Presenters include Matt Carruthers (former SOGI District Lead) and Renee Hock (VSB Diversity Mentor). We will have translation services available for parents who require them. Agenda will be posted on the vancouverdpac.org website when finalized.
  • Thursday, Nov 15 7-9pm – Provincial ADHD Clinic facilitated ADHD workshop for parents and caregivers. Rm 180, Vancouver Education Centre 1580 W. Broadway. More details will be provided when they are finalized.
  • NOTE:DPAC meeting are open to all parents and guardians of children in VSB schools. Voting is limited to DPAC executives at executive meetings and PAC reps at general meetings, but all attendees may otherwise participate in the meetings.

Upcoming PAC Events that the wider community is invited to join

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