A thank you note from your PAC Chair

Time flies, the 2017/18 school year has come to an end, a huge thanks to everyone for your support to Norma Rose Point School. It is so grateful that we could always get help every time we made a call out for volunteers!

The school and PAC held a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony at the year end assembly yesterday to recognize the extraordinary volunteers (PAC Executives were excluded) who have done 50+ hours of service to the school . If you missed the assembly, their names are: Charlotte Gonzalez Abraham, Merry Chen, Vivian Baik, Lily Lee, Anna Dong, Liz Zaozirny, Lisa Vogt, Marguerite Kania, Thea Louie, Despina Roumanos, Ray Duan, Kitty Lu, Shub Ramteke, Ni Lan, Lisa Yang, Andrew Lin, Ron Thompson, Connie Chen, Bryan Weber, Arthur Louie, Fariba Hafezi, Nadezhda Gancheva, Xuefeng (Kelly) Mao, Laura Zajac, Ellen Shi, Dina Huang, Yubing Hu, Qianjun Yang, Christine Wang, Hong Guo, Jinghui Lu, & Shirley Shi.

It is my honour to serve NRP families as PAC Chair this year, I’d like to express an extensive thanks to the school admin & teachers, all the PAC Executives and PAC Committee Leaders for your continuous support, it has been a pleasant experience for me. Unfortunately I won’t be running the election for Chair position on the October AGM due to personal reasons, however, I will still be around volunteering my time and experience to the school. Thanks to Jody Yau, who kindly offered to step back in, and she would appreciate someone to Co-chair with her in October. Please consider nominating yourself as PAC Executive on the next AGM, for all the position list, please click here.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and relaxing summer – Congratulations on another school year survived!!

— Sharon Yu

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