Lunch Volunteer Schedule for the last week Jun 25 – Jun 28, 2018

Dear parents,

Here comes the last week before summer break! A HUGEHEARTFELT thank-you to each and every one of you who make the NRP hot lunch program a SUCCESS!

Please see the enclosed lunch volunteer schedule for the last week.

Wish you all have a safe and joyful summer time!

If you are is in the schedule , ​ please arrive school before 11:30 am. ​ ​ If you have to change your schedule, ​ ​ please ​email as soon as you can.

PAC lunch program still needs more help. If you have 1 hour during 11:30-12:30, please consider to volunteer.

To volunteer for the week June 25 – June 28, please sign up here:

Please see below for hot lunch program link :

order here

Thank You!


Head Volunteer

Volunteer 2

Volunteer 3

Mon/Jun 25

Anny Hu

Donghong L.


Tue/ Jun 26

Ellen S.

Ni Lan

Yuling H.

Wed/ Jun 27

Dina H.

Shirley S.

Qianjun Y.

Thu/ Jun 28

Gina G.

Merry C.

Help needed 

Fri/ Jun 29

Summer break starts


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