Final Parent Conversation Group – Wednesday, June 6

This is a reminder that our final Parent Conversation Group is this Wednesday, June 6. Please don’t miss out this opportunity.


Final Parent Conversation Group: How to Talk with Kids about Drugs and Alcohol

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Location: NRP Multipurpose Room

Special Guests: Dr. Katie Bertram, NRP parent and physician; and Art Steinmann, VSB School Age Children and Youth (SACY) Substance Use Health Promotion Initiative

Alcohol and drug use are leading causes of injury and death in young people in Canada, and drug overdoses are a public health emergency in BC. In a society where alcohol, marijuana, and other potentially harmful substances may be relatively accessible, what do parents need to know to keep kids safe? Join our guest experts for a discussion of:

  • Tips for parent-child communication to prevent unsafe substance use among kids; and
  • Facts and myths about substance use and addiction.

All parents are welcome, and we have someone that speaks your language too!



时间:6月6日,周三,上午9:00-10:00,NRP Multipurpose Room

特别嘉宾:Katie Bertram博士(医生、NRP家长)以及Art Steinmann,教育局学龄儿童和青少年(SACY)物质使用健康促进计划(Substance Use Health Promotion)负责人


  • 亲子沟通技巧,防止儿童使用不安全的物质;
  • 关于毒品使用和成瘾的真相和错误观念。


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