Lunch Volunteer Schedule for May 22- June 1,2018

Thanks to all the volunteers who make the NRP school  hot lunch program run successfully!

Please see the enclosed lunch volunteer schedule for next two weeks.  If you are is in the schedule ,  please arrive school before 11:30 am.​ ​If you can’t come on your schedule date,​ ​plea​​s​​e send email to ​as soon as you can.  

PAC lunch program needs more helping hands. If you have 1 hour during 11:30-12:30, please consider to volunteer. It’s  helpful even if you only have 1 hour lunch time volunteer for whole school year!

We need more volunteers  for  the week May 28 – June 1, please sign up here:,

Please see below for hot lunch program link :

order here

Thank You!


Date Head Volunteer Volunteer 2 Volunteer 3 Volunteer 4
Mon/ May 21 Victoria Day, No school    
Tue/ May 22 Ellen S. Xi C. Julia H.  
Wed/ May 23 Dina H. Shirley S. Rob P. Nadezhda G.
Thu/ May 24 Gina G. Jinghui L. Hong H.  
Fri/ May 25 Ni L. Henry M. Nadezhda G.  
Date Head Volunteer Volunteer 2 Volunteer 3
Mon/ May 28 Anny H.   Help needed  ————
Tue/ May 29 Ellen S. Erin H.  
Wed/ May 30 Dina H. Shirley S. Donghong L.
Thu/ May 31 Gina G. Jinghui L. Hong H.
Fri/ Jun 1 Ni L. Henry M.  

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