Need 20 more water bottle orders

The Water Bottle Fundraising for Mugeta are still looking for 20 more bottle orders to make a shipment. If you are interested in getting an insulated water bottle, please consider purchasing one through NRP:

Looking for an idea for a present or something really useful for yourself……  How about getting one of our beautiful insulated water bottles.  All money raised will go to support Mugeta school in Tanzania, Africa to help them with basic school supplies.
*  The bottles are available in 17oz and 25oz sizes

*  Food grade stainless steel and fully insulated

*  Keeps hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours

*  Individually boxed for easy gift giving.

* Come in different colours and indigenous designs of NRP Circle of Courage animals.

17oz =  $30.00 (incl taxes)

25oz =  $40.00 (incl taxes)

BEAR (Strength)

Woodgrain 25oz or brown 17oz

WHALE (Kindness, solidarity, loyalty)

Aqua 17oz or Navy Blue 25oz

FEATHER (Respect)

White 17oz

Water bottles are on display in the glass cabinets in the foyer.

You can purchase water bottles online if you have signed up for the “cash online”.

However, if you would like to come to the office to purchase one, you can bring cash or cheque to Anne or Lily in the office.

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