Walk & Bike To School Week (May 31st – June 4th, 2021)

Dear Parent Volunteers, Teacher Volunteers, Student Volunteers, Staff, and all the NRP families who have joined our Walk & Bike To School Week event,

On behalf of the PAC executives, we want to send our sincerest thanks for such a successful week! All of your hard work and early mornings made for a smooth, engaging and action-packed week. 

We counted bikes and scooters every day during the week, and we are happy to report the following numbers as a metric of engaged participants:

Monday – 175 bikes/scooters

Tuesday – 181

Wednesday – 181

Thursday – 227

Friday – 159

*This doesn’t take into account those that travelled by foot! 

A special thank you to our team of dedicated G3/4 volunteers (led by Ms. Marriott), who showed up early every morning eager to help and displaying tremendous leadership skills. Thank you Ms. Marriott for coordinating equipment, volunteers and for being a part of the team! 

We had an amazing bike tune-up station for the first time with the help of Bike Kitchen. The students were so excited to show their bikes to the experts and able to learn important tips to bike safely.

We couldn’t have pictured a better way to close out the week than with the G7 band “After shock” bringing the school community together. Thank you for all the hard work that the band and Ms. Jackson put in to prepare for the performance. 
Lastly, we could not have run any of the morning events without the support of our parent volunteers; thank you for your time, hard work and support.

NRP PAC Volunteer Chair, NRP PAC Event Chair

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