Option 4 Survey

Dear NRPS families,

We’d like to share a message from the local parents’ group, Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39. We think this may help parents who chose or consider Option 4. We don’t know much about this group. Please review it and act according to your own judgement.

Hello PACs!!

I’m asking you for help once again. I just received an image from a member of our group regarding a survey the VSB has started circulating to Option 4 families in Vancouver. The image of the survey is below.

Essentially, the questions would lead you to believe that there is no hope of Option 4 continuing. However, that is not true. We heard last week from Richard Zerbe, Director of Instruction, that they are looking for feedback on Option 4 and will announce on February 10 what the future of the program is. If people react out of fear of not having an educational option for their children, and choose to go back, then VSB will assume that the program is not needed. There are so many families, like my own who cannot go back. I have lung disease – you wouldn’t know if you saw me on the street. However the impact of COVID-19 entering our home could have unthinkable impacts on my family.

Please circulate the message to your Option 4 families as soon as you can, with this message: Please choose “Other” on the form and state that you want Option 4 to continue – if you do want to continue. Even if an Option 4 family chose to return to school on February 28, the school could easily accommodate that. However, if they choose to return and then change their mind to stay in Option 4, they likely will lose the program. And families can not return to Option 4 at this time, if they leave it.

We need your help because while there are over 2500 Option 4 students in Vancouver, our group only has 300 members in it. We need to get the word out through PACs so that the program doesn’t get pulled.

Thank you so much for your help. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to talk with you.


on behalf of Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39, Facebook and Slack

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