Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39

Dear Norma Rose Point Elementary PAC,

I represent a group of Option 4 students and families who have joined together to support each other at this time. I am reaching out to you directly as a member of your school community has asked that I send information about our group to you. 

At this time, there are currently 3,497 Option 4 students in Vancouver. That is equivalent to 7 public schools worth of students. There is no standardization of learning for Option 4 – it is very different from school to school. And as there is limited communication with Option 4 students and families, we are working to provide a connection for those families. We provide a place to share resources, provide support on hard days, and share stories. Those of us who have joined have found it has made a big difference in our experience with Option 4, in that we have a connection with a community, which is important for everyone at this time. We have a group on Facebook, Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39, and a group on Slack. We have both locations in an effort to connect with as many families as possible.

The choice to opt for Option 4 varies from family to family. Some families have members who have health concerns; some have decided to choose this option for mental health reasons. But one similarity that we all have, in Option 4 or other Options, is that we all want what is best for our children and our families. We are working to provide a community that supports that. 

I am writing in the hopes that you would be willing to share the information of our community with your community. We currently have ~180 members, which means there are over 3,300 students whose families would likely welcome some support at this time. How can they join us? They are welcome to join our Facebook or Slack group by using the link or searching under our name. If the Slack invite link no longer works, they can email me directly. The Slack invite link has a limited time it is active. 

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions about our group, or about Option 4, please reach out to me. I can be reached at kyenta.martins@gmail.com or 604.671.0504.

Best regards,

Kyenta Martins

Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39 (Facebook and Slack group)



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