PAC AGM – Oct. 15 @ 6:30pm

Our PAC Annual General Meeting is scheduled for October 15th at 6:30pm via Zoom Meeting.

All NRP parents and guardians are invited, please join us by:

Meeting ID: 882 608 9288
Pass code: 370459

You could find the agenda AGM Oct. 15, 2020.

Principal Mr. Peter and Principal Ms. Burke will answer questions from parents through the chat box at the end of the meeting. Please spare 1.5 hours, since we understand the importance of getting as many parent questions as we can answered, we anticipate to have a slightly longer meeting.

Please rename yourself with your full-name and your child’s grade so we could know who is attending to the meeting especially when we are voting.

Here are some Zoom Meeting guidelines we expect all participants to follow:

1. Know where your mute button is and use it. Please make sure you mute your microphone upon entering and when you are not speaking.
2. Please use the Chat box for your questions. (No personal comments allowed)
3. Please note, PAC Executive and school admin will only answer questions from the chat box, and we will only cover general matters rather than individual concerns.
4. Please be respectful to each other.

Now we have upgraded our PAC Zoom account to accommodate more than 100 people. We have posted the Q & A session with Mr. Henry in last PAC Meeting on YouTube until 15th. You could also find the minutes of last meeting under the PAC Documents page in this website.

We look forward to see you virtually at the AGM!

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