Have questions for school?

Dear parents and guardians,

We hope that you have all had the opportunity to read the newsletter that was sent by Principal Henry on September 2nd.

We are sure that many of you still have questions and concerns for Mr. Henry Peters.

As the PAC at Norma Rose Point we have asked that Mr. Henry Peters field your questions and address any concerns you may still have regarding the protocols and procedures that will be in place at the start of the school year and he has generously agreed.

As we outlined in the PAC newsletter we distributed last week we have set up an email address that you can direct your questions to. We will go through the questions and create a set of questions that you as parents and guardians all share. The email address is


Please send your questions in by no later than September 8th at 12:00pm. We will present the questions to Principal Peters and we will video tape his response. If there are a significant number of unanswered questions we can explore the option of recording a follow-up question and answer session.

While we know it would have been preferable to some to have the question and answer session done on a platform like Zoom we felt that to achieve the most desirable and efficient outcome this format would work better.

We are confident that the administration at Norma Rose Point is making every effort to ensure that our children can return to school in a safe manner.

We continue to ask for your patience as we navigate the return to school and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you,

Norma Rose Point PAC Executive

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