District-wide plan for back to school

Dear Families and Students,

The Vancouver School District developed a proposed District-wide plan for back to school in September, guided by the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Health Office requirements. The draft proposed plan will be presented to the Board of Education at a Special Meeting of the Board on August 19, 2020 at 7 pm.

Please note that individual plan from NRP will be released by school admin when they are ready.

Under the government’s Five-Stage Plan, school will resume under Stage 2 in September. Full time instruction will take place within learning groups. The proposed plan, which requires the Ministry of Education’s approval, will help ensure the safe return for students and staff.

School Operations

Vancouver students will attend school every day under Stage 2 of the government’s plan. Enhanced health and safety measures will be in place before students return to schools. We want to provide you with as much information as possible about our proposed plans. We have made several videos and posted fact sheets to our website outlining details about health and safety measures you can expect, as well as information about students’ return to their elementary and secondary schools. 

Fact Sheets

Health and Safety Measures in Vancouver Schools

Elementary Schools

Secondary Schools

Health and Safety Measures in Vancouver Schools

Return to Elementary Schools

Return to Secondary Schools

As previously announced by government, the first two days of the school year will see only staff in schools. During this time, they will review all health and safety measures and begin reaching out to students and their families with specific details about the first week of student attendance. Classes will be organized and timetables finalized.

We will continue to share information and updates in the coming weeks, from your schools directly as well as on the District’s website and social media channels.

Our plans prioritize student learning, safely maximize instructional time and will endeavour to keep your children connected to their teachers and schools. Thank you for your patience as we continue to refine and finalize our plans.

Suzanne Hoffman

Superintendent of Schools

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