A message from Norma Rose Point PAC

March 25, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope that everyone is well in these unprecedented and difficult times. 

As you all know school has been suspended until further notice. 

As of yet there is no new information available regarding the Vancouver School Board’s plan to ensure continued learning for students. 

We will communicate any updates as soon as they become available. We will update the PAC website with any information we receive. Please make sure you have signed up for PAC notifications so you don’t miss anything!

Please note that the best advice at the moment is to maximize social distancing – unfortunately this means no playdates. 

Please also be aware that recreation centres and playgrounds are all closed. 

The VSB curriculum is available online at:


We have a parent who has very generously volunteered to refurbish any old computers or laptops you may have lying around – we would like to pass these on to students and families that may not have enough computers at home. This can aid them in keeping in contact with other students as well as facilitate online learning. 

Please let us know if you have any thing you would like to donate or if you think you may be of assistance to our efforts. You can email us at rosepointpac@gmail.com 

Thank you, 

The Norma Rose Point PAC Executive

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