Welcome to the 2019-2020 PAC Executives

First of all thank you to all those parents who came to the AGM last evening. It was a wonderful showing. Apologies for running overtime (that does not happen often).

As I am now officially the Past PAC Chair I wish to, from the bottom of my heart, thank everyone for all the enthusiasm in helping make NRP PAC such an amazing PAC. I am so excited to share with everyone the NEW PAC Executives voted in last night:

PAC Chair Jennifer Figarski
PAC Co-Chair Yuki Namekawa
Past PAC Chair Jody Yau
Secretary Sharon Yu
Treasurer Jeanine Rhemtulla
Co-Treasurer Sun Kim
Lunch Treasurer Donna Zhou
Lunch Chair Beth Krisciunas
Event Chair Taniya Amiraj
Volunteer Chair Donghong Liu
Co-Volunteer Chair Lea
Social Media Chair Jessie Zhang
DPAC Rep Ivan Pak
Parent Education Chair Fei Liu
Parent Education co-Chair Monica Wang
Members at Large Hisham Zerriffi
Qian Wang
Paul Keeling

This is an amazing group of parents. Thank you to each of you for stepping up as Executives!

Now I am happy to pass the PAC Chair roll over to Jennifer!

Jody, Past PAC Chair of NRP

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