PAC AGM Agenda/Draft Sept PAC Minutes/Staff Appreciation Lunch/Walking School Bus update

  1. Next Wednesday October 2 is out Annual PAC AGM. This is a time when we present our PAC report outlining what we did last year, put forward and vote in the nominees for the 2019/’2020 PAC Executives, and vote on our proposed budget for the year. We highly recommend all parents attend as the PAC Executives will be your voice to the school etc.  ** PAC will have free babysitting for any child **

Here is the PAC AGM agenda:

PAC AGM – 2019-2020

Here is a list of current Nominees – Please email me if you are interested in putting your name forward (or if I have simply forgotten to add your name)

PAC Executive Nominations 2019:20

2. Draft Sept PAC Minutes: At the AGM we will also be approving the June 2019 and September 2019 PAC Meeting minutes. The draft minutes are posted under our documents.

3. Staff Appreciation Lunch : twice a year we host a lunch for all the NRP staff as a way to show our appreciation for everything they do for our kids. The first one is coming up on Monday October 28th. To sign up to bring a food item please click on the link below:

4. Walking School Bus: The walking school bus (from Wesbrook Village) will start on Monday September 30th. In order to sign up please fill out a form and return it to Natalie. If you wish to have your child walk parents are required to commit to helping one walk/week. Kids meet at MBA House at 8:25 and leave at 8:30am.

Please find information and the form below (there are also printed forms in the school office):

** Please note that at this time there is no WSB set for any other route as there are not enough parent volunteers able to help ***

NRP WSB 2019-2020 Information

NRP WSB 2019-2020 Registration Form




2 thoughts on “PAC AGM Agenda/Draft Sept PAC Minutes/Staff Appreciation Lunch/Walking School Bus update

    1. Yes Taniya. There is always room for any parent wishing to join PAC Executive. I know Jennifer got in touch with me. I am about to update the nomination sheet and will add your name! Thank you


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