A couple things about next week – Lunch and PAC Meeting


For those parents who have ordered through the PAC lunch program we are happy to say the first delivery will be on Monday!

A couple things to note about the Lunch:

1.  *** PLEASE SEND UTENSILS! ***  As a way to reduce garbage we do not provide chopsticks or utensils. We ask that parents please ensure you send some with your child.

2. Please pay attention to your Lunch Reminder Emails – The day before your child’s lunch delivery you will receive an email reminder. No email – No lunch delivery

3. Your Child: A couple important things for your child to know –

** Never touch anyone else’s lunch! Even if it their friends! Only take YOUR lunch. **

If your child has any problems with their lunch (other than they just do not like it) please let them know PAC always has at least 1 parent volunteer each day helping out. They can be found outside the main office. Your child can go speak to them anytime and they will help.



We hope you will join us for our first PAC meeting of the school year. It is Wednesday from 6:30 – 7:30pm in the NRP Learning Commons (Library).

All parents are always welcome

PAC provides free babysitting – these are Grade 7 NRP students who have completed their Red Cross Babysitting course.

Thank you


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