VERY IMPORTANT! Reminder for Parents about Food Drop off Protocol, late arrival drop off and early pick up protocols –

Dear Parents

I wanted to take this time to remind parents that, whether you are dropping your child off to school late, picking them up early for an appointment or dropping off their lunch, please do not walk into the classroom! You MUST go to the main office.

Protocol is that during instructional time (8:55am – 3:00pm) parents must check in at the office. If you are dropping off lunch the office staff will ensure your child gets it before it is time to eat.

There have been incidents already where parents/adults have been wandering around dropping off brown bag lunches or their child’s lunches. Please do not do this.

Why? For the safety of all the students in the school we cannot have adults wandering around. The staff do not know who you are.

If you are a volunteer at the school you will check in at the office and get a badge. This will indicate to staff that you are safe to be walking around.

Thank you for following the rules and helping keep all NRP students safe.


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