Welcome back, SACY Workshop and DPAC information (with parent resource information)

Welcome back to everyone! It was so great to see all the smiling faces from kids (and parents) this morning. We look forward to having another fantastic year at NRP.

More information will be coming out in the next day or two about our PAC run lunch program as well as a list of the private after school programs at NRP. Stay tuned….


Here is some information from DPAC:

DPAC Back to School 2019


Here is some information about an upcoming SACY Workshop that may be of interest to some of you:


jointly present an educational workshop at Wesbrook Community Centre

(Fee: Free session)




Parents of teens and pre-teens, do you want to have more fun & strengthen your connection with your teen? To explore new strategies for boundaries as your teen matures? Or to learn practical communication skills to reduce tension and increase understanding? Please join us for a morning workshop to explore some of the science behind teen behavior and effective approaches for parents that work with the teen’s changes. We will look at practical ways to guide our children toward healthy decision-making and nurturing capable youth.


Speaker: Miss Alexandra Wilson          日期/时间201995日星上午10时至12时半

VSB District SACY Parent & Family        Date & Time: September 5, 2019  at 10:00 am -12:30 pm

Engagement Stream Lead       Address/地址Wesbrook Community Centre, 3335 Webber Ln, Vancouver, BC V6S 0H3


The workshop targets Mandarin speaking parents from G6 – 12, and will be conducted in English with Mandarin interpretation by Multicultural Liaison Worker (MCLW) Mr. Robert Li 。

该讲座听讲对象为6-12年级讲普通话的家长,由温哥华教育局多元文化工作者 Robert Li 先生现场翻译。

Inquiry or registration (email/phone/text)电邮 / 电话 / 短信 查询 登记 名人数 : (设托儿服务)

温哥华教育局多元文化工作者: Robert Li                                  rli@vsb.bc.ca
温哥华教育局移民安顿工作者: Esaine巫小姐 778-228-8536   emo@vsb.bc.ca 



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