MunchaLunch Closing June 10th! – Dealing with Balances and Credits

PAC will be closing MunchaLunch for ordering as of Monday June 10th!
What does this mean? There will be no ability to place any more orders for the remainder of the school year as of June 10th
Why is it being closed?? Our Lunch Chair needs time to go through and deal with the Balances and Credits on parents accounts before the end of June.
What if I OWE money? We will be emailing all parents who have a balance owing on their account the week of June 10th. 
We would appreciate if you could check your account prior to that day and either pay online or send in a cheque (remember to add your childs name and the Order # so we can find you!).
What if I have a CREDIT on my account?? We will be emailing you the week of the 10th as well. You will have 3 Options: 
1. Roll over the credit to next year
2. Donate the credit to PAC, or 
3. Have PAC write a cheque to you for the amount you have on credit (**Note: you will need to arrange to pick the cheque up from the school office. We will not mail cheques out).
Thank you

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