A Wonderful Spring Fair!

I wish to thank all of you who came and enjoyed Spring Fair yesterday. We were so lucky to have amazing weather!
My biggest and heartfelt thanks to all the amazing parents who volunteered throughout the Fair. Not only did you come help but we also had amazing volunteers from Grade 6, 8 and even some NRP graduates now in Grade 9!
I think the biggest thank you however needs to go to the Spring Fair Committee: Arthur Louie, Jennifer Figarski, Sharon Yu, Kelli Kadokawa, Henry Mao, Fei Liu, Helena Carneiro, and Fariba Hafezi. Thanks also to Marcio Cavalcanti De Albequerque who, despite being in Brazil a lot of the time, designed all the poster artwork!
We would love a bit of feedback (other than more popsicles ) so we can continue to make this event better for next year.
We will provide a full finanicial breakdown for everyone at the June 19th PAC Meeting. What I can say right now is it looks like our Silent Auction was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who bid and congratulations to those who won!
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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