Congrats to the NRP Math Challenge Club Students!

Yesterday was the 2019 Math Challengers Lower Mainland Regional competition at UBC. 20 Norma Rose Point students participated in this event. 15 in 3 Grade 8 teams and 5 in 1 Grade 9 team. Our school was seeded in Pool A and we were against 9 opponents such as Transition, UHill, Burnaby North, West Point Grey Academy. It was the toughest competition ever.

Our Grade 8 team placed first with 3 students in the Top 10 participating in the Face-Off stage. Our Grade 9 team placed third with one in Top 10. Another double-trophy-day for NRP!

The following are the names of the students who have rendered their outstanding contributions:

Team Alpha (Grade 8 Division)
Kevin Liu: 1st place, Face-Off Champion, and Perfect Blitz
Erik Wang: 8th place
William Jiang
Elvin Sun
Alice Wang

Team Beta (Grade 8 Division)
Amanda Yang: 6th place
Alyssa Ren
Andy Liu
Jimin Hong
Jamie Hung

Team Gamma (Grade 8 Division)
Karl Luo
Lucas Zhang
Matin Narimani
Dani Stecklov
Moses Law

Team Omega (Grade 9 Division)
Alec Situ: 3rd place
Amy Tong
Minjune Park
George Luo
Elliot Hui

Our 2 teams of students will compete in the Math Challengers Provincial that is coming up on April 6th. Congratulations! Special thanks for the support of the parents and student coaches.

We are super proud of ALL of you!! What an amazing job!

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