K3 concert and Safety Patrol

Dear Parents,
For those in K-3 we want to remind you of the concert this evening. You childs community will have communicated to you when you are to have your child at the school.
We would like to encourage all parents to walk to this event. Parking, as we all know, is extremely limited and we do not want to see cars parked on the road.
Also, after the concert finishes Ms. Tamara will make an announcement. We hope that you can spare a few minutes of your time to help stack chairs and return the instruments to the music room. There will be a list posted as to where things go (some of the stands are also labelled). If you have any questions, I will be there to help as well.
Safety Patrol Concerns:
For those parents who do not know, each morning and afternoon a few kids put on vests and help kids and families who walk (or roll) to school cross the busy street safely. It has come to my attention that on a fairly regular basis some parent drivers are not waiting for the safety patrollers before they drive through the crosswalk. Please remember to be patient. The kids safety should be top priority. Last thing we all want is for a child to be hit in the crosswalk because we are inpatient.
Thank you

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