Msg. From NRP: Rain, Rain, Go Away! Dress for Rainy Vancouver Weather!

Please ensure your child is well dressed for the rainy Vancouver weather.

For those who attended school in BC, you will remember that throughout your childhood, rain (or snow) never stopped children from playing outside at recess and lunch. Sometimes schools had a basement, sometimes an undercover area, sometimes neither.  Regardless, we were encouraged to dress for the weather and “get some fresh air.”

We continue to share the same message with children since we live in Vancouver and it rains more than we like!  We also share this message because teachers have supervision free recess and lunch.  We cannot ask them to supervise children on rainy days.  Rather, our Supervision Aides supervise outside where sight lines allow for easier supervision of students.

I was outside all lunch hour with a rain jacket and hood supervising children.  I also got very wet but did not wet my clothes or socks because i had a rain coat on and I did not step in puddles, nor lie down in puddles like some children, surprisingly, chose to do.

Please ensure that your child comes to school dressed for the rain.  If your child was particularly wet, check in with them to see what they would need to better protect themselves from the rain.

Thank you,


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