BAKE SALE – Tuesday and Wednesday  for Robotics Team

The robotics team from “Forces of Atlantis” from NRP will be hosting a bake sale this Tuesday andWednesday. They will be the ONLY Canadian team at the FIRST LEGO League Open International in Tallinn, Estonia this June 2018. This is an amazing opportunity for our NRP team to compete at an international level with 100 teams from all over the world. All the funds collected from the bake sales will go to help the team cover flights, registration and lodging for the trip. 
Please send in loonies and toonies so the kids can purchase baked goods. 

2 thoughts on “BAKE SALE – Tuesday and Wednesday  for Robotics Team

  1. Dear PAC,

    Thank you for organizing the bake sale to support our students. While I’m all for fundraising and supporting the kids, I was rather disappointed to hear the sale items included Cheetos and Doritos. I don’t expect the items to be homemade from scratch (specially if I’m doing nothing to help!) but I believe we need to reinforce healthy eating in our kids.

    I wish I could say my kids knew better and made healthy choices but no, they are kids and of course they went for the ultra-sugary cupcake with colourful frosting and the junk food. Just as we try to keep the bake sales nut-free, lets try to keep them as junk-free as possible. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Thank you,




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