Earthquake Drill Today @ 2pm

Today at 2:00pm, NRP will be participating in “The Big One”, a provincial earthquake drill. Please note that, during the drill, the school will not be accessible to anyone. Parents and guardians, please do not enter the school until 3:00pm, when the earthquake drill is done. If you need to pick up your child early to appointments, please report to the school before 2pm.

Thank you for your co-operation!

地震演习- 2pm

今天下午2点钟,NRP将参与“大地震”(The Big One),一场省级地震演习。请注意,在演习期间,任何人不得进入学校。直到下午3点演习结束后,家长和监护人才可以进入学校。如果您需要提前把孩子接出来,请在下午2点前到校办公室登记。


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