Terry Fox Run April 26 – Call for Parent Volunteers

On April 26th from 1-3pm NRP will have our annual Terry Fox Run. The K-3 grades will be running around the school and the 4-8`s will be running a longer route that has been plotted in the Endowment Lands.

As in previous years, in order to make the run safe and a success we need parent help.

The school is hoping to get 40 parents to stand along the Grade 4-8 route and about 20 to do the same for the K-3 route. If you are able to help (and while I work on setting up the volunteer sign up sheet on the website) please email the PAC at rosepointpac@gmail.com

Please indicate if you are volunteering for the Grade 4-8 or K-3 run or if you have no preference.

Also, we are looking for about 6-10 parents willing to come in about 11:15am to help cut oranges for the students to have after the run. Please let us know if you can help with that as well.

Thank you for continuing to support the school.

Jody (Past PAC Chair)

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