Need help after Gr. 1- 4 Family Concert

All Gr. 1-4 families are invited to an evening of music to celebrate our school’s Circle of Courage on Thursday @ 6:30pm. Students are asked to go to their own communities at 6:15pm and due to fire regulations, we can only have two people per family in the audience.

We will need many help to move the instruments and chairs back to where they belong to. For parents who are able to stay and help after Thursday night’s concert, here is a list of which instruments and pieces of equipment go where after the show. We will try to have a big poster in the big gym indicating all this info as a reminder.

Thanks for your help!!

To Ms Tamara’s music room D111 (across from Kindergarten community):

  • 6 xylophones and 1 metallophone (looks like a xylophone but made of metal) ONLY THE ONES WITH THE GREEN STICKERS ON THEM with mallets
  • electric piano and grey rolling chair by piano
  • all white baskets with extra xylophone bars and one pair of mallets inside

To room D110 (beside grade 3 Cedar community, beside Ms Tamara’s music room):

  • 2 tables on wheels with song sheets taped on

To Big Music Studio (room C101A) close to office/ foyer:

  • black acoustic piano with piano bench
  • 2 (out of 4) music stands

To engineer’s office door (room A201) beside middle school elevator-upper level:

  • 2 yellow extension cords

To far west end of hallway past the Kindergarten community, across from D114:

  • all wooden box seats on wheels

To grade 4 Douglas Fir community (beside main sink outside room D225), upstairs, farthest southwest corner:

  • portable speaker
To Small Gym, room C106, just down the stairs from the big gym, near the middle school side:
  • 2 (out of 4) gym benches
To Glee’s room A123 beside small gym
  • tympani drum
  • contra bass bars (giant individual wooden bars)
  • 2 bass metallophhones
  • 2 glockenspiels (small metal xylophones)
  • drum kit with black stool
  • guitar stand
  • 2 (out of 4) music stands
  • colourful basket of small percussion
  • ukulele stand
  • all xylophones EXCEPT for the ones with green stickers

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