Repost of Messages from School App

Communicating Student Learning 2017 NRP Update — please watch short video

Please listen to this message, updating parents on the change in reporting practices:  CSL Audio Spark

Here is the Chinese translation:

CSL Audio Spark_Chinese

The CSL Audio Spark is being shared with parents in preparation for Tuesday’s PAC mtg.  Please watch prior to attending the Dec 5, 6:30pm PAC meeting in the Learning Commons.  Staff will be there to answer questions.

NRP Staff Offer Two Hours of Babysitting Thursday, Dec 7

NRP Staff are offering to “babysit” your school aged child on

Thursday, December 7, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

2 hours of free time for parents at a minimal cost (and for a great cause)!

Please open the attachment for more information . . .

mugeta fundraiser flyer

3 thoughts on “Repost of Messages from School App

  1. Next time can you guys please post the simple transcript of what is being said in these videos? That would have made it so much more accessible to those of us who have various issues getting at audio in video content. I appreciate that you’ve gone to efforts to make the cute multimedia presentation, but for some of us getting the actual information being communicated was made much more difficult due to the medium used. It’s also helpful to have the written version in article format or captions for folks with disabilities, as well as for the multilingual community who may find it easier to translate written words that can be read at their own pace, rather than trying to catch phrases from a spoken format. Thanks.


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