Introducing the 2017/18 PAC Executives

Thank you to all the parents who came out last night to the AGM. We had a very productive meeting where we voted in the new Executives, passed some motions and had our Curriculum 101 talk.

As the now, Past Chair I would like to introduce parents to the new Executives:

PAC Chair: Sharon Yu: Sharon was PAC Co-Chair last year and incredibly engaged with all aspects of the school. She has a daughter in Grade 4. I am so excited she is the new Chair.

Secretaries: Wendy Yip and Kelly Kadokawa share this very important role. They continue the position from last year. Wendy has a daughter in Grade 8 and Kelly has 2 daughters in Grade 5 and 8. These two women take the best minutes!

Treasurer: Hisham Zerriffi: Hisham is now in his 2nd year as our treasurer. It is a huge job and we are so grateful he is willing to help out. He has 2 kids at the school now.

Co-Treasurer: Ray Duan: This is Ray`s first year at NRP. We are thrilled that he is lending his time and financial knowledge to help PAC and the school this year.

DPAC Rep: Rachel Wu: Rachel has been a part of the PAC Executive before and has been with NRP for a few years now. We are very grateful that she agreed to be DPAC Rep this year. She has a seat at the DPAC table to listen in on what is happening with the VSB. We look forward to all her reports back to NRP.

Parent Ed. Committee Chair: Julie Wang: Julie is a long time NRP parent and we are so lucky she is willing to help organize and set up opportunities for us as parents to learn more about the school, education and more. Julie has great ideas and all parents are going to benefit from them.

Lunch Committee Chair: Beth Krisciunas: Beth is continuing her role again this year as Lunch Chair. She puts in hours upon hours of work behind the scenes so we as parents can order lunches (and help fund raise for the school). No one will ever know the amount of work she does. Trust me!

Volunteer Chair: Donghong Liu: Donghong has been around since the school was at the portables at Queen Elizabeth. She took the role of Lunch Coordinator last year and has continued to organize parent lunch volunteers. She is extremely organized and not shy to ask you to help out! She has a daughter in Grade 5. We are so lucky to have her taking on this big role.

Social Events Committee: Monica Ma: Monica has been part of the executive for 3 years now. She moves on from her role as lunch treasurer last year. She is a planner so perfect for this position! She will be reaching out to get parents involved in planning Multicultural day, Spring Fair and those all important Staff Appreciation Lunches we host for the school staff. Be careful….Monica will find you!

Social Media Committee: Jessie Zhang and Alan Zhao: Jessie was at NRP last year and organized the amazing backdrop at the Spring Fair for the “selfie-station”. Alan is new to NRP and we are so excited he is on this committee as he has a computer background.

Members at Large: Rob Peregoodoff and Natalie Jatskevich: Natalie has been at NRP since it was located at the portables by Queen Elizabeth School. She has been running the Walking School Bus program for NRP since the school opened. Rob Peregoodoff was on our PAC Executive last year and is now the DPAC Chair. We are grateful to him that he is still involved in NRP PAC as he brings incredible ideas to help the school move forward.

I want to thank each and every member of the PAC Executive. You put in so many hours of volunteer time to help the school.

Parents, we are in great hands!

Jody, Past Chair

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