Msg. From School/AGM and Curriculum talk tomorrow

Please see below the message from the school sent out today. Please remember to call or use the app for absenct kids!:

If your child is absent or late you must contact the school via phone (604) 713-5950 or App.

Today we have an inordinate amount of families that have not phoned the school to report an absence. By not doing so, our office staff is spending way too long making calls only to find out that parents have neglected to contact the school.

Away = phone school

Late = sign in at the office

Thank you.

Also, tomorrow is the PAC AGM  this is your chance to help us vote in the new Executive members and agree on our budget for the year.

We are excited to have Mr Blanchard and Karen Noel-Bentley attending to help us with our discussion about the Curriculum 101.

Bring your questions or better yet, submit them today so we can prepare an answer for you



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