Update/Lunch/Driving to school/Lice

Classes:   First of all I hope all your kids are happy to be back at school. I know that it can feel frustrating to us as parents when our children have not been placed in their homerooms with their teachers, but let me assure you that the school is working so incredibly hard to complete this process quickly. Fingers crossed it will be ready tomorrow or Friday. Remember we have been spoiled in getting lists previous years before school starts. All other schools wait at least a week to do this.

This is such a unique year with the reduction in class sizes. It has posed challenges for all schools across BC including NRP.

Lunch:   With that all in mind, our goal to open up the lunch ordering must be postponed. It looks like we will have everything set for Friday. Again, you are going to need your child`s division number and teacher to register so no point opening it yet.

Driving or Biking to School on Osoyoos Road:   I know this seems silly to say, but please leave yourself plenty of time IF you are driving your child to school. Watch your speed, especially on Osoyoos. This road is very narrow and you are likely going to be having to accommodate people on bicycles heading to the school. Last year there were some instances where cyclists got hit by drivers (NRP Parents). Also there were instances of inappropriate language by drivers. Remember we all want to get our kids to and from school safely.

Head Lice:   Yup. I left this for last. There seems to be no getting around it. Lice will eventually hit one or more communities in the school. Gone are the days when we thought lice only affects kids that are un-clean. The truth is your child can have the cleanest of hair but still end up with lice. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is annoying for sure, but not a health risk to your child.

What can you do to help? If your child ends up getting lice, please let their teacher know. They will then send a notice to all the parents in that community to be “aware and check the hair”. Your child`s name WILL NOT be used. They will be confidential.

Simple things can be done to prevent the spread of head lice:

Your child should not share their hats with others.

Keep your child home for a day or two if they have lice

There are combs and shampoos you can get at any pharmacy (or Save on                                   Foods).





2 thoughts on “Update/Lunch/Driving to school/Lice

  1. Dear Jody,

    Thanks for the update, I appreciate the time you take to keep us informed.

    I would like to point out that keeping kids with lice at home ‘for a day or two’ is pointless. Children can have head lice for several weeks with no symptoms. On the other hand, treatment, once begun, should kill crawling lice. Nits may persist after initial treatment, but they are cemented to hair shafts and are very unlikely to be transferred successfully to other people. Having lice can be a very stressfull experience, so let’s not make it any more so by making parents believe that they should be keeping their child at home.

    I have two more practical suggestions for those concerned with the risk, especially if lice are reported in the community

    – keep long hair contained (braided, for example) to minimize chances of transmission

    and, for the trully concerned:

    – use an electric lice comb to check the child’s hair

    Best, Joanna


    1. Thank you for the information. I can update this to all parents at the PAC meeting. Goal one is to let parents know that there should be no shame in their child having lice. The school has struggled, as you can expect, with parents not notifying the because they are embarrassed.
      Your information and suggestions are awesome and I will be sure to pass them onto families.
      Thank you



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