Important App notice from Rosa today regarding Tuesday:

The following was sent on the NRP App today:

First Day for Gr 1 – 8 Students: September 5th

We will NOT be posting class lists prior to the start of the school year in order to ensure we have accurate numbers and are in compliance with the new class size composition requirements.

On September 5th, school is in session from 9:00 – 10:00am for grade 1 – 8 students.The primary purpose is to take attendance and finalize the actual numbers we are working with for this school year.

Children are being asked to go to the following communities UNTIL CLASSES ARE SET . . .

Kindergarten students have a special timetable beginning Wednesday, September 6 (a special e-mail has been sent to K families)
Grade 1 students will report to Sword Fern (upstairs K5, first community)
Grade 2 students will report to Alder (upstairs K5, far right)
Grade 3 students will report to Cedar (downstairs K5, first community)
Grade 4 students will report to Douglas Fir (upstairs K5, far left)
Grade 5 students will report to Hemlock (downstairs Middle Wing, first community)
Grade 6 students will report to Pacific Spirit (upstairs Middle, far community)
Grade 7 students will report to Khatsahlano (downstairs Middle, far community)
Grade 8 students will report to Salish (upstairs Middle, first community)

Parents may not be in the Learning Communities once instructional time starts. While children are in session, parents are invited to meet for coffee/tea in the main foyer.

Please Walk to and from School
With the various road closures and construction projects, we cannot accommodate traffic flow around our school. Please walk or cycle. Thank you.


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