Vandalism at NRP

Please see the notice just sent out by Rosa on the NRP App. This is extremely sad news to hear that people would purposely vandalize the school. Please, if you live close by or use the playground, keep yours eyes open. Here is Rosa’s notice:

First off, I hope all families are enjoying the summer break. We look forward to welcoming our grade 1 to 8 students from 9:00am – 10:00am on Tuesday, September 5th and our new Kindergarten students on Wednesday, September 6th.

Regrettably, I am sending this app alert to draw attention to an unfortunate circumstance that has been occurring during the summer months. We presently have 13 window panes damaged at NRP. Of recent, the majority due to what appears to be with pellets. This is a personal request to all families living around the school to keep a watchful eye and if you see anything suspicious, please phone the RCMP. We need to put a stop to this.

Thank you for your assistance and see you soon!



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