AGM Agenda, Call for Books/Puzzles…

Dear Families, We are only a few days away from the PAC Agm on Tuesday October 3 from 6:30-7:30pm. Please find attached a copy of the Agenda : PAC AGM AGENDA 2017 and a Copy of the PAC Executive Nomination Form: NRP PAC Executive – 20172018 (2) Also we will present the PAC Report: 2015_16 PAC Report After putting forward for approval the budget items we will launch into a discussion about “Curriculum 101”.  We are extremely fortunate to have two of the Alder Community teachers and Karen Noel-Bentley attending the meeting this time. They will be able to help us guide you … Continue reading AGM Agenda, Call for Books/Puzzles…

PAC Newsletter – Oct. 2017

Please click here for the October PAC Newsletter. There are information regarding the new Safe Arrival Program, PAC AGM, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Goal-setting Conference, as well as some school information. All previous newsletters can be found in PAC Documents. A friendly reminder that our AGM will take place on Oct. 3 @ 6:30pm, click here for a full list of the PAC Position. If you are interested in a position that has a name already, do not let that stop you….add your name! At the moment, we still in need of PAC Co-Chairs.   Continue reading PAC Newsletter – Oct. 2017

Updated PAC Executive Sign up/ Safe Arrival Policy-Korean translation

We are still looking for some great people to join the PAC Executive! Here is the current list of parents who have put their names forward for running. NRP PAC Executive – 20172018 (2) 지역 The Safe Arrival Program(안전 도착 프로그램)이 시작되었습니다. 이 프로그램의 목적은 매일 학생이 학교에 안전하게 도착하였는지를 확인 하기 위함입니다. 아이가 학교를 결석하거나 지각하게 될 경우(휴가, 치과 예약, 질병 등) 학부모가 해주셔야 하는 것입니다: 결석/지각을 둘 중 한가지 방법으로 학교에 알려주세요: 1, 오전 9시 전에 학교로 전화해주세요(604-713-5950). 1번을 누르시 고 결석을 알려주세요. 다음의 정보를 포함하여 또박또박 말씀해주 세요: 학생의 이름, 성명, 디비젼 넘버 또는 선생님 이름; 얼마나 … Continue reading Updated PAC Executive Sign up/ Safe Arrival Policy-Korean translation

PAC Minutes and PAC Executive sign up list for this year.

I am attaching the PAC Minutes from Tuesday`s meeting. I will put it on file under Documents as well. NRP PAC Meeting Minutes – September 19 2017 I am also attaching a list of PAC Executive positions. We will be voting in the new group at our October 3rd AGM. Please consider putting your name forward for one of the positions! It is very important we have all positions filled. While it can be some work to volunteer in a positions it is also a lot of fun! NRP PAC Executive – 20172018 Jody Continue reading PAC Minutes and PAC Executive sign up list for this year.

Safe Arrival Program Information for Parents

The following was posted today on the NRP App. It is extremely important that all parents understand and follow the new procedures. It has been taking up to 3 hours a day for Lily in the office to get through all the unreported late arrivals or absent children. This is way too long and it is preventing the school office from getting other work done. The goal of this program is to quickly identify any child that has not arrived to school so parents can be notified and, if something has indeed happened, the authorities can be called as quickly … Continue reading Safe Arrival Program Information for Parents

PAC Meeting Agenda

Please find the PAC meeting Agenda for tomorrow`s meeting: Sept. 2017 Agenda We hope you will be able to join us. There will be 4 Red Cross Certified Grade 8 babysitters attending so please feel free to bring your child! If you have a topic you wish to add to the agenda, feel free to email us at We are also looking towards our AGM on October 3. This is when the new PAC Executives will be voted in. If you would like to volunteer your time, please feel free to sign up. Here is a list of the … Continue reading PAC Meeting Agenda

A Few Dates, A Few Items

Tonight: Hope all of you will be able to attend this evenings Meet the Staff Night. Remember to head to your child`s community from 6-6:45pm. After that you are free to go. If you still have questions, feel free to head to the Learning Commons (aka: Library) at 6:50pm. Do not forget to watch the great video from Rosa before tonight! Friday: Tomorrow is a Pro D Day so no school. I know it has been confusing because the majority of the district is off next week. With the large number of new staff at NRP the school administration felt … Continue reading A Few Dates, A Few Items

Very Important Message sent by Rosa on the App

Meet the Staff Night: Thursday, September 14 We are delighted to invite parents to visit their child’s community on Thursday evening, starting at 6:00pm and ending at 6:45pm. BEFORE attending, parents (“old” and new) are asked to invest 7 minutes watching this hot off the press video, NRP Explained The video provides parents an understanding of NRP and how we function. If after watching the video and after visiting your child’s community, you still have questions, join the admin team and teacher representatives in the Learning Commons (library) from 6:50 – 7:30pm. The format of this gathering will be … Continue reading Very Important Message sent by Rosa on the App

Important information about Direct Appeal forms sent home today

Today your child`s teacher should have sent home the 2017/2018 PAC Direct Appeal form. Please ensure you read it.    Please find a digital copy here: Direct Appeal 2017_18 Donations: We know that not all our families at NRP are financially able to afford to make a donation but we ask those who can, to please consider it. The items listed have been deemed the most important from staff and school administration. How to Donate? There are 4 ways: 1.  PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, please click here: PayPal link    Please               … Continue reading Important information about Direct Appeal forms sent home today